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Our Areas of Expertise

Content Marketing


Predictable Lead Generation, Scalable Client Acquisition


Today, it's easier than ever for your potential clients to get the information they need without ever speaking to you or your team. Ensuring you show up when they are searching is vital to so many professionals, practitioners and businesses. That’s where content marketing comes in.


Creating high-quality, helpful and entertaining content serves multiple purposes:


  1. It improves your digital presence, helping you show up when people are searching,
  2. It educates potential clients on why they should choose you over a competitor,
  3. It strengthens the relationship you have with existing clients and patients.


What Does Content Marketing Include?


    • - Blogging
    • - Ebooks and whitepapers
    • - Social media 
  • - Email marketing
  • - SEO
  • - Video marketing
  • - Influencer marketing
examples of content marketing

examples of performance marketing

Performance Marketing


Reaching New Audiences With The Right Strategy


Performance Marketing is the term given to online marketing campaigns using the ‘traditional’ digital channels of paid advertising.


While creating and distributing regular content is an important long-term strategy, running an effective paid marketing campaign is vital for those ‘quick wins’ and ensuring a regular, reliable stream of leads and enquiries.


What Does Performance Marketing Include?


- Pay-Per-Click Advertising (Google Ads)
- Social Media Advertising 
- Display Advertising
- Native Advertising and Advertorial

Marketing Technology


Implementing a Winning Technology Solution To Help You Scale


As the world continues to shift online, having the right marketing technology in place helps bridge the gap between your business and the digital world. It’s more important than ever to have the right tools to help you understand every aspect of your practice, your patients and the way you market yourself.


As HubSpot Solution Partners we can not only execute your marketing, we can also get you started on one of the world’s leading CRM platforms, and arguably the market leader in inbound marketing technology. 


Discover more about HubSpot and our tailored onboarding program.

examples of marketing technology

Why Work With Us?


Lead Generation

Build a traffic engine that helps practice growth take-off


For many health and wellness professionals, attracting the right type of visitor to your website is a key component in building a successful practice and business.


Our lead generation services focus on building a comprehensive digital (and sometimes offline) marketing strategy designed to skyrocket website traffic and increase the number of leads and potential clients for you.

  • Generation
  • Acquisition
  • Retention

Client Acquisition

Turn leads into clients with a high-performing sales funnel


Many practices rely on new revenue for growth. While it is important to capitalise on existing patients and encourage repeat purchases, the ability to bring in new clients is crucial to growth.


Our client acquisition services focus on building holistic, multi-channel marketing campaigns and sales funnels that aim to build a relationship, turning any visitor into a client.

  • Generation
  • Acquisition
  • Retention

Patient Retention

Build long-term relationships with patients and clients 


Keeping an existing client coming back is the final piece of the practice growth puzzle. On average, a 5% increase in client retention can result in a 25-95% increase in profits. It also gives you a reliable base to sell new services to, without needing to pay for additional advertising.


Our patient retention services focus on positioning you as the health and wellness provider of choice, increasing communication and engagement to build loyalty.

  • Generation
  • Acquisition
  • Retention

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