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We’ll Get Your HubSpot Journey Started Right!



90 Day Rollout

Our systematic approach will save you time and money by helping you avoid costly mistakes



Flexible Delivery

We can offer 1-1 video coaching or run sessions in your office -  whatever suits your needs best



Ongoing Support

As your onboarding partner, you can rely on us to be there when you need additional support



The below is a typical implementation timeline for small businesses. Certain elements may not apply to certain customers, depending on the level of their HubSpot package and what Hubs they have purchased.

This timeline is designed to be collaborative, and may be altered to suit your needs.


Week 1 - Kick-off and discovery

  • Discovery session to learn about your business
  • Get your team set up in HubSpot
  • Configure your portal and manage domain settings
  • Import your contacts into HubSpot (data cleansing charges may apply)
  • Discuss integrations


Week 2 - Goal setting

  • Discuss your business, marketing and sales goals 
  • Create your sales & marketing reporting dashboards
  • Discuss the appropriate tools and channels with you
  • Identify the ideal HubSpot academy training sessions (free)


Week 3 - Buyer Personas & Customer Journeys

  • Assist in creating your ideal buyer personas
  • Teach you about customer journeys and how to use them in HubSpot
  • Together we will map out your customer journey


Week 4 - Database & CRM

  • Setup your CRM with any custom properties
  • We’ll set up lead scoring
  • Teach you about Lists
  • Show you how to segment your leads
  • Help build your sales pipelines
  • You’ll learn to customise lead status and deal stages
  • Discuss sales enablement and alignment with marketing

* CRM implementation time is heavily dependent on data quality and ability to upload existing data to HubSpot requirements



Week 5 - Lead Generation


  • Create and embed lead collection forms on your website
  • Create a templated landing page
  • Create 1 landing page
  • Create lists to segment your leads
  • Create automated lead alerts and notifications

Week 6 - Email Marketing


  • Learn how to use email marketing in HubSpot
  • Teach you email marketing best practice
  • Create a custom branded newsletter
  • Create and send successful emails from HubSpot
  • Learn the email performance reporting tool


Week 7 - Setup automation


  • Identify relevant automation uses 
  • Set up 1 basic follow up workflow
  • Teach you the workflow tool


Week 8 - Content and SEO


  • Discuss a content strategy and why you need one
  • Learn how to implement a content strategy in HubSpot
  • Together we will identify a core topic and subtopics
  • You’ll learn to schedule and monitor social posts
  • We’ll help you build a content strategy


Weeks 9-12 - Implementation & Ongoing Support


  • Help you create and roll-out your first content offer
  • Assist in building landing and thank you pages
  • Discuss a distribution strategy
  • Create a CTA template and 1 CTA
  • Weekly/fortnightly catch-ups
  • Email support






How long does it take to get started?

Simply email us at info@hawkhealth.com.au and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. From here we can establish a timeline over the phone or in person.


How much does it cost?

The price varies depending on the number of Hubs you have, the level of each Hub, and how easy migrating your data will be. We’ll discuss price with you once we have a clear understanding of your exact needs. Typically, you can expect to pay between $3,000 and $6,000


Do I have to pay HubSpot onboarding fees?

We can arrange for your HubSpot onboarding fees to be waived, provided you haven’t already purchased HubSpot before speaking with us.


Do I need to pick a HubSpot admin?

Technically HubSpot doesn’t need an administrator like other software does. It’s important that you have someone be an internal champion for HubSpot who has a more detailed knowledge than most other staff and can act as an internal troubleshooter. 


How many people can be involved in onboarding?

We restrict training sessions to 3 people and we usually advise that one person from each team or department that will be using HubSpot is involved.


What if we need longer for onboarding?

We get it - other things come up and you need to prioritise them. We can offer a 4-week extension on the onboarding process if you need.

Ready To Start Something Special?


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