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When Northern Beaches Interventional Radiology reached out to Hawk Health Digital, they were in need of an overhaul of their marketing strategy. Operating within a niche corner of medicine, with treatment options that, despite their high success rates, are relatively unknown, there was a need to increase awareness within their target market and generate new enquiries.


Since partnering with Hawk Health Digital in March 2021, we’ve been able to generate over $300,000 of new enquiries for Northern Beaches Interventional Radiology and achieved an incredible potential Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 24x on their Google Ads. Here’s how we did it.



Case Study - At A Glance


Low Awareness & Patients

We needed to boost the profile of Northern Beaches Interventional Radiology, in particular the treatment options they offer. They are very effective but relatively unknown.

We also needed to come up with a holistic digital marketing strategy to help attract new patient enquiries.

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Results

A 3-Pronged Solution

We decided that a diverse solution was required to help Northern Beaches Interventional Radiology achieve their goals.

We created a brand new marketing strategy, devised a new brand identity and digital presence, and implemented HubSpot to mange their website, marketing activity and CRM.

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Results

$300,000 in Revenue & 24x ROAS

Through our efforts, we have been able to generate over $300,000 worth of new enquiries for Northern Beaches Interventional Radiology representing a 24x ROAS on their Google Ads campaigns.

We also grew website traffic by a whopping 850% in 12 months.

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Results

The Story of Northern Beaches Interventional Radiology

Dr Shaun Quigley

Dr Quigley started Northern Beaches Interventional Radiology in 2017 after moving to Australia from the UK. He worked at some of the UK’s busiest and most prestigious hospitals, including Europe’s largest trauma hospital and one of the UK’s busiest transplant units. He worked as a specialist Interventional Radiologist at the Royal Free Hospital in London, gaining expertise in the treatment of cancer, fibroids, liver, and venous disease.


Interventional Radiology is a branch of radiology where specialists use their skills in imaging along with the excellent technical ability to perform minimally invasive treatments. Their background in radiology and expertise in reading scans means they are experts in using x-ray, ultrasound, CT or MRI in real-time to safely guide treatment.


Interventional Radiology is a central specialty in the delivery of modern medical care. Many people may have been treated by Interventional Radiologists without having met one – IRs are commonly involved in the treatment of people with life-threatening bleeding either after trauma, surgery, or labour.

The Challenge - A Lack of Awareness and Patients

Northern Beaches Interventional Radiology reached out to Hawk Health Digital as they were seeking a comprehensive solution with website management, SEO, google ads and social media content - in essence, they were looking for a marketing agency to handle all aspects of the digital marketing strategy.


One of their biggest challenges was growing awareness of a very niche medical treatment, and turning awareness into revenue by increasing the number of patients booking treatment.


We also discovered that Northern Beaches Interventional Radiology had a disjointed approach to marketing, so we set out to unify all their efforts across all channels and move towards one goal, increasing the number of consultations booked.

The Solution - A New Marketing Strategy, Digital Presence and Marketing Software

A New Strategy


After a detailed discovery session, where we worked closely with Dr Quigley, we uncovered a number of opportunities to increase brand awareness, drive new enquiries and grow the business.


Our first month working with Northern Beaches Interventional Radiology was spent devising an entirely new marketing strategy that focused on promoting a number of core treatments provided by Nothern Beaches Interventional Radiology. We also developed their buyer personas that have been used to align marketing efforts with their target audience.


We performed extensive keyword research which became the foundation of their SEO strategy and relaunched their website to better target the search terms and keywords used by their target audience.



Digital Presence and Identity


We developed a new brand identity, which has been rolled out across their website and social media, and launched email marketing for the first time for the business.


Perhaps the most significant change was implementing a campaign approach to marketing, where all efforts for each quarter are aligned which a certain condition or treatment option. This helped us ensure all marketing channels were moving towards the same goal and provided direction for creating content.



Implementing HubSpot 


Finally, we recommended Northern Beaches Interventional Radiology use HubSpot to manage their marketing, sales and website. Using a single software solution for all their needs meant the business was able to put their customer at the centre of its marketing and ensure a 360-degree view of the audience. We have since been able to use the insights gathered as a result of implementing HubSpot to improve advertising efforts.

The Results - $300,000+ in potential revenue in 15 months

Through our efforts, we have been able to generate over $300,000 worth of new enquiries for Northern Beaches Interventional Radiology representing a 24x ROAS on their Google Ads campaigns.


Google Ads

  • - Potential revenue of over $300,000
  • - Google Ads ROAS of 24x
  • - Cost-per-click of $0.65
  • - Cost-per-lead equal to 6% of revenue from each patient
  • - Clickthrough rate of almost twice the industry average


Website (May 2020 - May 2021 vs May 2021 - May 2022)

  • - Time on page increase of 37% 
  • - Over 54,000 pageviews, an increase of 850%
  • - Decrease in Exit Rate of 55%
Results graph in a report

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